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tycoonjack 01-19-2003 04:05 AM

Judge to Hear Air ID Challenge
Judge to Hear Air ID Challenge


A U.S. District Court judge agreed to hear a challenge to an airline requirement that forces passengers to show identification before boarding a plane, despite a motion by the government and two airlines to dismiss it.

John Gilmore, the co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has sued United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Attorney General John Ashcroft, alleging that the ID requirement stems from a "secret law" that violates his right to anonymous travel within the United States.

The case stems from two July 4 incidents in which Gilmore refused to show his ID at San Francisco and Oakland airports before boarding cross-country flights. Southwest refused to let him board without identifying himself, while United said he could board if he submitted to a hand search, which he refused.

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