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Nugget 04-01-2003 06:54 PM

Write your Congresscritters!
Tell Congress to Get Airline Security Plan Under Control!

The Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (CAPPS II) is designed to crawl through government and commercial databases and issue "threat assessments" for air travelers. Based on automated searches of public and private databases, each passenger is given a color-coded threat level: green for no problem, yellow for passengers who require heightened caution, and red for people who are not allowed to fly.

The government says CAPPS II, which is currently being implemented by Delta Airlines, will increase security. Perhaps. But the system is extremely dangerous to your rights, in that there are no mechanisms in place for you to learn your own assessment level or to correct false information about yourself. The government is being very secretive about this powerful program, not even revealing which commercial and government databases are involved or who will be allowed to see the data and for what purposes. Write to your Congresspeople and tell them that you want responsible, accountable security that respects your privacy!

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