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Sweetadeline 08-08-2003 05:10 AM

The meaning of travel experience: Your thoughts
I have a question for all you searchers out there, whether you consider yourself to be a budget traveller, an alternative tourist, or an armchair backpacker.

I am currently conducting research into the “meaning of travel experience” for a postgraduate thesis I am writing. If possible, I would like to know your opinions on the following:

Do you think that certain ‘backpacker / traveller’ destinations have better reputations in terms of developing an individuals ‘travel experience’ (the destinations that you travel to develop ‘experience’), and why is this? (For example, which of the following destinations do you feel gives an individual more travel experience A: Australia, or B: Cambodia, and why?)

Finally, Do you think there is a certain status, or ‘Street Cred’ among travellers, with perhaps the more experienced having more respect than the less experienced, or is everyone equal in the world of travel?

I would genuinely like to know all your opinions on this, whether you agree or disagree. All feedback on this subject will be greatly appreciated!

I thank you for your time, and wish your travel is safe and enjoyable, whatever journey you are on.

Nugget 08-08-2003 11:22 PM

I don't have any particular perspective into the apparant "backpacker" culture you seem to be addressing. I don't think it's necessary to eschew money and showers in order to acquire an authentic travel experience and I think it's perfectly possible to travel in a more traditional style and still absorb the mood and soul of a destination.

That said, sure there's cachet to certain destinations while others are deemed more pedestrian. I'm not sure you realize that you've conflated two very different questions as one, however. Are you interested in which destinations have a better reputation or are you interested in which destinations are genuinely suggested? What do you want? 'stret cred' or to genuinely enjoy your travel?

If you want street cred, go backpacking in Budapest. It was the trendiest desitnation the last time I checked.

What destinations would be the best for you will have as much to do with you as it will to do with the destinations themselves. What's your background? What are you looking to experience? What's scariest to you?

Like many things in this world, you'll get out of travel in proportion to what you put into it. A person can have a dreadful and forgettable time in the south of france just as easily as a they can have a positive and perspective-changing visit to iowa.

Where do you feel drawn?

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