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Val Czbor 09-10-2004 04:06 PM

Hotel or vacation rental ?
When I went to Rio de Janeiro with my wife we`ve decided to try something different. We don`t have many good experiences at hotels, even the 5 stars. We went to Italy and Australia and we`ve stayed at hotels - It`s amazing how everything is so expensive and unconfortable - So, we`ve decided to rent a apartment to stay. We were 4 people. Me and my wife and a couple of friends and we were trying to get a big apartment or house, so we could stay together. After a lot of research we`ve found a perfect place at - The place was big enough to accomodate 4 couples. It has 4 suites with king size beds, a large terrace, a pool... Very luxury. It was the first time I`ve bought (or rented) something through the internet. I was concerned in the begining but after I`ve read the contracts I was ok. We were plenty satisfied with the penthouse and the guest services wich were offered to us. I didn`t miss the Hotels not for a single moment, actually we`ll try to find an apartment or a house to rent every time we plan our future vacations.
The place where we`ve stayed is - The hosts are just amazing. Thanks for everything. It was our first time in Brazil and they were very friendly showing us the best of Rio.
Val.:) 8)

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