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Gareth_Murphy 03-22-2006 09:30 AM

Luxurious Country Hotels
I am currently in the process of setting up my very own luxurious country style hotel within the western area of Wales, UK.
If possible, could some of the online travel community give me some ideas to the areas below?
Any suggestions and recommendations will be treated in complete confidence and strict confidentiality.
The topic areas are:
  • How much to charge for a 4 star luxurious suite, complete with en-suite shower and WC facilities?
  • What type of activities, if any would you like to participate in if you were to stay at the hotel? some possible ideas are clay pigeon shooting, fishing, falconry and walking.
  • What type of gourmet food and beverages would you recommend at the hotel?
I stress again that all answers will be treated seriously and with the strictest confidence. This forum is included as part of some primary research for the hotel. thank you

Lloyd_D 03-22-2006 01:17 PM

Re: Luxurious Country Hotels
  • Pricing can be difficult, and you may have to change how much you charge depending what time of the year it is (xmas etc). You could do with finding out what other 4* hotels charge and base it on them?
  • Those activities sound good, maybe you could try and make local links with other activity centres in the west wales region? Quads?Paintball centres? Need to think about the type of clients you are after - age? gender? what they want to do?
  • Food wise, its always good to have local produce on the menu - people dont want to go to wales and eat french beef - get some welsh black beef, welsh lamb, Cenarth cheese etc. You will also need a good chef to maintain your 4* status!

Gareth_Murphy 03-23-2006 08:50 AM

Re: Luxurious Country Hotels
cheers lloyd. good suggestion about local dishes and produce. thank you very much

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