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aquafea 05-19-2005 04:58 AM

Big Journey across all Russia in July - September 2005
Hello! My name is Marina; Iím from Russia, Ekaterinburg. Are you planning to travel this summer? Do you like adventures and journey? What about Russia this summer?
The big travel will take place in July- September 2005 across the Great Russia (The 10-th of July Ė The 20-th of September). My friend and I are organizing this journey! We are not a travel agency and this is not a commercial project. We do it because we enjoy travelling and discovering new horizons. We have traveled throughout the world and across Russia rather much.
Now we want to cross all our country by car - from the East to the West, from Vladivostok up to Moscow and Saint Petersburg. We are planning to visit both large major cities and small towns and villages on our way; to have a rest on picturesque lakes and rivers.
General length of our way will make 11-12 thousand kilometers. We will see all beauty and uniqueness of Russia, its architecture, nature, history, life of simple people and industry. The route will include about 35 Russian cities, and multitude of villages and settlements.
July and August are the warmest months in Russia. The average daytime temperature at this time is 22-23 degrees —. So, the sunshine will follow us :-) the day lasts quite long during this time - up to 17 oíclock.
I know that Russia attracts many tourists, but it is not so easy for foreign people to travel in Russia. Practically nothing is done them. Inscriptions and pointers in English as well as touristís centers are nowhere but in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Another problem is that only few people speak English.
Therefore, I suggest joining us 6 positive, extreme, bold and courageous ones who dream of travelling across all Russia. It is not a commercial project - we just travel together. Iím 25 years old, my friend is 30. If someone joins us, we will be glad to show our country. Your age is of no importance. The main thing is your desire to see and to feel Russia and your readiness for actually journey with joy and obstacle some times.

We are glad, if you join us! If it is interesting for you, write to me. Tell a little about yourself, about the travel and about why Russia is interesting for you and that you expect from the travel, also please send your photo.
Russia is truly incomparable ... see it for yourself!

Great to hear from you, Marina.

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