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cheeky_angel85 06-08-2006 08:37 AM

Flying with KLM
I'm flying to London in July, and am flying with Qantas from Melbourne to Singapore and then the rest of the way with KLM. The thing is that I've been looking up info on KLM on the internet (since I haven't really heard much about them) and have read some pretty bad reviews about them. Some people say that the planes seem old, the seats old and dingy and no personal tv screens. I had a look on a seating plan of their planes and there doesn't seem to be any screens at all (I know this shouldn't be important but it's a long I've got to have something to entertain me LOL). I was just wondering if anyone here has flown with KLM and how they found their planes and their service? It's my first time flying overseas and I'll be on my own so I'm kind of worried. :eek: Thanks in advance.

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