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jove1776 07-22-2006 02:02 PM

Brainy, fun travel companion and lover
Who am I: Are you seeking a bright, fun travel companion and lover? Iím 55, Caucasian, 5í11í, slim and fit, hazel eyes. I donít smoke, drink to excess or use drugs and I have no STDs or children. Iím very loving, passionate, affectionate, irreverent and honest. Iím an atheist with libertarian politics. I enjoy travel, dining out, movies, theater, sightseeing, museums, wildlife watching, science fiction, shooting, reading and discussing politics and science, particularly astronautics.

My travel plans: Iíve bagged five of the seven continents and need to pick up the other two eventually, but maybe Greece first and then Tahiti (or if you have a preference).

Who am I looking for: Are you unencumbered and open to travel adventures, sexual and emotional pleasure? Iím seeking a woman whoís intelligent, ethical, healthy and fit, monogamous, kind, generous, very affectionate and sexual who would like to join me on a series of trips covering the world possibly leading to a LTR. Iíll cover the trip costsÖyour own mad money would be nice but not essential. No married, smokers, STDs or religion.

Interested? Send picture, background, interests to jove1776 AT yahoo DOT com.

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