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Expat-expert 09-12-2006 04:04 AM

Crime & southern Spain
One friend of mine told me about the first time she came to Seville and had gone to a cyber cafť. She said she was really frustrated about something she couldnít find on the net and was distracted by some guy; asking her for the time, directions or something like that. Next thing she realizes that her bag is gone. Another friend had just hopped on her bike, leaving flamenco class and hadnít peddled two feet when some guy rush up on her and took her bag, fleeing in the opposite direction.
Cancel the credit cards, register for a new passport, buy a new cellular. :mad: No way! Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that this sort of thing is just as likely to happen right where you live. You just have to open your eyes, but please donít become one of those paranoid freaks clutching your purse or your pockets while snaking down the street.
Recognizing the fact that these individuals exist and are willing to do what it takes to take what youíve got is half the battle. I mean you need to look out for the gypsy trying to give you an orange blossom for free in order to tell your fortune by reading your palm and then charging you 20 euros for doing it. Stay clear of highly populated areas where some seemingly nice Spanish guy offers to help clean your stained shirt (which of course he stained from behind without you noticing) as he tries to sift through your companion's bag. Basically, if it looks slightly suspicious please just walk the other way or cross the street or press speed-dial on your cell phone for your Embassy (just kidding).
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