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rnsncman 05-28-2006 08:57 AM

What's up everyone?
What's goin on everybody? My name's Brian and i'm a 19 year old college student from North Carolina. Last summer I had the awesome experience of going to 5 countries across Europe which was my first trip overseas. I really loved everything except for the fact that everything was planned out for us be4 we even got on the plane. There were 40 of us in the group so... I don't know if ne of u watch 5 takes on the travel channel but i love the show as well as the idea of backpacking with 4 strangers all around the same age and all with different areas of interest. I would love to do something like that so if u like the idea to or if u've done it b4 let me know. IM me or hit me up through email. talk to u soon hopefully

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