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explorer 08-07-2007 09:35 AM

Thailand Expedition 2008
I'm planning to get an expedition team together to cross the Phuket Mountain Range in South Thailand.

Especially for people with a little bit of experience in the bush as this Trip will be a tough challenge for those who would like to come along.
We will be only on foot and follow local trails and river streams to navigate. Food will be partly gathered on trek by us. Equipment will partly be supplied by our sponsor and we will also have a 1 week preparation training in northern Thailand to get to know each other and learn the required skills.
Our team is made up of young great personalities from Australia, Belgium and Germany so far, but we hope to find a few more people to share cost and adventure.
I have plenty of knowledge in the Jungle to share with you and have worked as expedition leader and survival instructor in Asia for many years.
You should be a fit and very adventurous person with great personality and enjoy a challenge.
drop me a mail If you would like to have more information and details of the expedition

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