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DavidinMA1956 07-16-2008 09:46 AM

AirTran Commendation
I posted this on AirTran's website, but thought I'd post it here also in case it never made to the person concerned... If anyone knows this wonderful Lady, please forward it.. Thanks you!

July 14, 2008

In regards to: The horrific conditions at ATL, 07/13/08 and the outstanding professionalism shown by one of your employees.

To Whom this may concern,
My wife and I were among the unfortunate people who traveled by air on July 13, 2008 and were “stuck” at Atlanta, Georgia’s airport (ATL). The confusion, misinformation, gate change upon gate change, and what seemed to me as ‘a total loss of management’ will not be discussed here other than to say it was horrible. The main concern of this letter is to tell of a woman named Lekisha, who was the Gate Attendant of gate C13 at ATL.
We watched her perform her job with professionalism and courtesy though some of the worst conditions we’ve ever seen at any airport. We listened to her announce to thousands of people through out the day, evening and night the unpleasant news of cancellations, “no more standby passengers allowed” and countless number of ‘gate changes’ she communicated to “her passengers”.
We felt she portrayed feeling and compassion while having to deliver ‘bad news’ to frustrated and tired people. Therefore, we would like to commend Lekisha for her professionalism and above all, her own shinning personality that could never be taught in any companies training class.
If there is an award for outstanding employees, please consider Lekisha, as she is one special person.


(And then I signed my name, but I left it out here, for reasons I feel need not be said.)

Thanks Lekisha!!


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