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april143 01-28-2009 09:42 PM

Rough Guide to Kenya
If you’re Crazy About Kenya, now you can show your support for ghetto based initiatives, and indigenous artists. Get involved, download the logo onto your blog, website, Facebook or MySpace pages and support the destination

Now you can go further than the Maasai Mara as Crazy About has launched. If you want to know your Lake Baringo from your Lake Bogoria it’s only one click away – so come to virtual Kenya and chill to the positive vibe – over 20 indigenous artists and musicians sharing, tracks, artwork and their love of the destination…

Win one of ten Rough Guides to Kenya and “Answer the call of the wild” at Crazy About Kenya. The .com website is alive and kicking so once you’ve completed the form you can chill with the positive beat of Africa’s wildlife capital – a host of talented musicians, including Eric Wainaina showcasing their tracks and their love of Kenya…

Crazy About Kenya is a hip and happening website for people who want to get an insider perspective on the destination. You can chill to jazz, hip-hop, reggae and soul fusion on the websites duke box – a group of talented Kenyan musicians bringing the destination to life…

Check out Asante by Mike Kwambo, an up and coming artist and partner in the Crazy About Kenya campaign. Wanna’ get with the vibe of Africa’s wildlife capital? Catch up with us at and get an insider view on the destination of Kenya…

(please note you can change the name of the artist – depending on the appropriate music that we are seeding and obviously the wording but it should follow something like the above)

Get ethical online and support Kenya with a downloadable logo from – you can also get an insider perspective on Africa’s wildlife capital by visiting the site and catch up with a group of talented Kenyan artists and musicians who have come together to share their talents and their love of Africa’s wildlife capital

Kenya is alive and kicking and you can chill to the ethical vibe of Africa’s wildlife capital at Crazy About – a new travel portal featuring artwork, music and destination highlights. You can even answer the call of the wild for a chance to win one of ten Rough Guides to Kenya…

Africa’s wildlife capital is live and it rocks ( - get in on the action and answer the call of the wild for your chance to win one of ten Rough Guides to Kenya

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