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Harry 08-17-2009 02:13 PM

Entertainment in Spain , Benidorm
Benidorm is situated on the Costa Blanca on the east coast of Spain. It is probably the Costa Blanca’s liveliest resort town and has long been a favourite with British visitors embarking on Spain holidays. Benidorm offers a variety of things to see and do and has something to offer for most holiday makers.

During the day, the beaches remain among the biggest attractions in Benidorm as well as most of the Costa Blanca region. For a more active and busy beach, visit the Playa de Poniente. This is on a main road and gets lots of traffic. For a more relaxing place to enjoy the sun, visit the Playa de Levante. This beach is off the beaten track and is more quiet and tranquil.
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Ryan Smith 08-21-2009 05:56 AM

Yet another hot spot in the country (and there are too many to mention) is Benidorm. This thriving city is Spain's largest resort, and is very popular with the British in particular. The city receives some four million visitors per year, and this has caused numerous hotels, apartments, clubs, bars, restaurants, and activity centres to spring up all over the landscape.

There are two wonderful sandy beaches here, separated by a rocky promontory, and the crystalline blue waters add to the summer holiday feel (as does the towering offshore fountain!).

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