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saveyourlife 12-13-2009 02:29 AM

when and how long to visit taiwan?
am planning to go to taiwan next 2010 since airasia giving cheap prices.

1. when is the better time to visit taiwan? mid-sept to early oct? or late-oct to mid-november? i'm not into typhoons, so it's better to choose time when there is less typhoons :) how's the waether like at that time?

2. how many days are needed to explore taiwan? i still don't know where to go, but i plan to visit hot spring and do some snorkling at beach. is 1 week is enough? or better 2 weeks?

3. how is english language used at taiwan? i can't speak chinese and i'll go alone, so language will be the biggest barrier.


Frosty 12-14-2009 03:49 PM

If you are coming from far away I would not visit for less than 2 weeks. Three weeks even better! But this depends on where you are coming from, if it is Europe or USA/Canada 2 to 3 weeks minimum!
Weather and other info link:
Taiwan, one of Asia's must-see destinations!

I was there a long time ago as a tourist, but I have frequently passed through Taipei airport many times over the years and never had a weather related problem when I used China Air. I do know that weather problems come up every now and then. Sometimes stuff happens no matter how much you plan ahead of time!

A couple things I remember enjoying was a visit to the Toroko Gorge , museums, a visit to Taiwan's indigenous people's village. Also I fell in love with Mongolian Barbecues. You can check out some hot springs.
Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan
Taipei Museums
Taroko Gorge travel guide - Wikitravel
A detailed travel guide to Taipei spas and hot springs, Peitou hot springs, Peitou springs, Peitou spas, the best Peitou spa resorts, Taipei spa resorts not too far from the city, Hsin Peitou, Taiwan spas review, Taiwan hot springs, Taiwan springs, T
Mongolian barbecue - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

One thing you can consider is a visit to a second country during this holiday. I have done this several times. You could take 5 days to 8 days in Thailand where the hotels are cheaper.

Fly to Taiwan, take in some tours, see the city, eat some good meals. Book a flight on China Airlines or Eva Air to Bangkok (or Saigon HCM, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.) You can make your trip a twofer - two countries for one holiday! Return to Taipei for another night or two and then go home.

Up to you,

SomeBoy 12-17-2009 08:04 AM

Visit Taiwan in your summer holidays because the food and everything is much cheaper. Before you go make sure that you have bought a tour online. :)
Always carry GPS with you, it is very easy to loose. ;)

charles 12-21-2009 11:45 PM


Thank you for sharing the informative information with all. Please keep sharing more.

Have a great day

Frosty 12-22-2009 08:24 AM


Originally Posted by charles (Post 14608)

Thank you for sharing the informative information with all. Please keep sharing more.

Have a great day

In Taipei you can very easily get tours to local popular tourist destinations on short notice. Some hotels have tour desks and in there are travel companies providing tours with short turn-around.

My preference is to play it by ear, see the city, choose a tour or two when you want to and not be on a set schedule - remain flexible.

But it is up to you what method you prefer buy locally or long distance via the internet.

Here is a link to some travel companies providing tours in Taipei.
Tour the Whole Taiwan - Taiwan Forum - TripAdvisor

Have a nice trip.

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