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Joro97 03-08-2010 10:16 PM

Tips for Traveling with Surly Teens
Teens always have their own personalities. So, sometimes, it is not easy to get along. However, the truth is they are lovely ones when you know their hearts. Now, I will suggest some tips for traveling with those surly teens.
1. Put the itinerary in their hands
As all trip planners know, there's nothing more frustrating than choosing sights, activities, and restaurants in advance only to have members of your traveling party complain that they would have done it differently. With this in mind, turn over parts of your vacation itinerary to your teen (and their younger siblings, too). By delegating some of the planning responsibility, you give your teen a way to contribute to the trip and in the process develop a greater knowledge of the destination. It's also not completely your fault if everyone has a bad time!

2. Enforce some level of "unplugging"
How much access you give your teen to their daily digital crutches is up for debate. If you're going abroad, you'll most likely want them to shelve their cellphones. Last spring the New York Times reported that teens were sending and receiving on average 80 messages a day, and sending a text internationally certainly isn't cheap.

Staying stateside? It might be worth restricting phone calls or texts to just at night or another specific time. Keeping in constant touch with friends can be an unwelcome distraction for everyone on the trip. While your teen may not like being forced to disconnect, they may secretly thank you for giving them a break from their 24/7 social lives.

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Hope you have a good journey!

jimmy 11-04-2010 01:22 AM

These tips are good which are mentioned by you. I’d like to add some more tips for travelling with kids:
• Be careful in busy places like airports Disney homes etc
• Keep medicines and poisons away from small children and watch that children don't eat any plants
• Remind children about road safety rules, hold the hand of children whenever you cross the roads
• When you leaving your home for holidays remind children about family protection
• Wearing the colorful dressing to make their visibility and remember what they are wearing
I hope it will help for those peoples who travelling with kids.

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