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Waldisbe 06-05-2013 06:45 AM

Social Media Profiles of Airlines?
Hello everyone!

I would like to ask for opinion! Nowadays, almost every airline in the world can be found Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. And some of them like Southwest, KLM or Air Asia have an incredible amount of Followers and interact with a huge community. Fascinated by the the huge growth over the last few years, I decided to analyse this phenomenon in my Master's Thesis.

Hence, I'd like to examine why people use social media sites of airline. What are the specific motives? What functions are used and so on... And there is probably no better place to find people who have actually experience with such sites than here, in this forum. So, I hope you can help me out and participate in my survey.

The study can be found here:

And yeah, you have even the chance to win some deeelicious Swiss chocolate when you participate :)

I hope this request won't bother you guys.

In case you are interested, I would publish the most important findings once the survey is evaluated. Also, we could further discuss the topic in here. What are your experiences so far with airlines in social networks?


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