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starlight123 08-03-2014 11:12 PM

Overnight stay on Starlight Cruise and enjoying Halong's beauty
Ha Long Bay is hailed as one of the great natural wonders of the world. It’s high up there on many peoples bucket lists and this Vietnamese national treasure is unlike any other place in the world. So when we were planning our trip through Vietnam, there was no way we were going to miss it.

Even to experienced travelers, overnight stay on Starlight Cruise and enjoying Halong’s beauty is still a memorable impression. Whenever we travel to Halong Bay, this wonder offers us new attraction. Moreover, the experience on a 5-star cruise amid the bay is among the list of things should be tried once in lifetime.

Upon boarding, we were greeted by the boat’s crew of beaming, friendly staff who helped us with our bags and seated us in the dining room where we were briefed on everything from safety, our itinerary and what we’d see over the two days to our cabins, when the hot water would work for showers (takes a while to reheat apparently!) and when our meals would be. We knew this wasn’t going to be a rough boat trip. It was going to be a fun, comfortable, amazing two days.

The boats Intrepid use in Ha Long Bay are really well appointed. With a sun-deck up top and a lots of space at the front of the boat, there’s lots of vantage points to take in the majestic beauty of the bay and to get some amazing shots of the epic karst limestone rock formations throughout.

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