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indian123 08-08-2014 03:45 AM

Halong Bay - Top 26 points to beauty fairy
Recently, website has published a list of 26 destinations around the world as the fairy beauty, including HaLong Bay(Quang Ninh, Vietnam).

According to BuzzFeed, Halong Bay is a popular destination throughout the world, been repeatedly recognized as a UNESCO natural heritage of the world with different criteria, and artwork is great shaping of nature with the presence of thousands of islands is diverse, many interesting caves clustered into a vivid world has just mysterious.

HaLong Bay is not only prominent system of islands and beautiful caves, where there are terrain tectonic age from 250-280 million years, a result of the campaign raised, lowered many times from the mainland into the sea valley. Carxto corrosion process, almost completely weathered to create a unique HaLong Bay in the world.

With stunning scenery so here is a very attractive tourist destination for domestic tourists and international.

The remaining 25 sites on the list include: Neuschwanstein Castle(Germany), The Firefly(New Zealand), Town of Colmar(France), Batu Caves(Malaysia) ,Saint Basil 's Cathedral (Russia) ,Wisteria Tunnel(Japan), Taktsang Monastery, Paro(Bhutan) ,Caves of Crystals(Mexico) ,Sanctuary Cambodia Angkor share, Angel Falls(Venezuela) , Old City of Petra (Jordan), Zhangye Danxia mountain Region(China), Castle of Mont Saint - Michel(France), heated pool, Pamukkale(Turkey) , 21 Bridge arch Glenfinnan Viaduct(Scotland), Cathedral Las Lajas Sanctuary(Colombia) , Sea island Vaadhoo stars(Maldives), city ​​Sintra(Portugal), Forest Baobab tree(Madagascar), the Peles Castle(Romania) , Zhangjiajie national Park(China), The Taj Mahal (India ), Sugar Dark Hedges trees, (Ireland), Castle of Versailles(France), Tulip flower Fields in Skagit valley(Washington, USA).

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