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  1. Do American Express credit cards have really stiff penalties?
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  3. Amex Plat card- is it worth it?
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  8. Taxi experience
  9. Please, leave home without It
  10. Please pay by
  11. Columbia House? Jeez...
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  13. Membership Rewards Statement
  14. Had a prob with AM EX and could not get satisfaction?
  15. PTS: Is it worthwhile?
  16. International Airline Program
  17. Platinum Card annual fee raised
  18. How hard is it for you to justify your platinum card?
  19. The American Express® International Dollar Platinum Card
  20. Unrequested replacement card sent for "security reasons"
  21. American Express Online Services
  22. Glitches over the weekend
  23. First bad experience with AmEx: Platinum Card ExpressCash
  24. I love my Jamba Juice
  25. amex fees?

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