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  1. Would you rent a prepaid cellphone on your vacation or business trip?
  2. Your ideal honeymoon?
  3. The Mekong delta river information
  4. Spice Express Northern Vietnam
  5. Hanoi - vietnam a charming destination
  6. Ethical hotels
  7. Favorite Australian City
  8. airborne illness?
  9. Travel Preferences?
  10. Do you think ??
  11. please ignore
  12. Accomodation in Rome - please vote
  13. Survey about Australian domestic airline and Virgin Blue
  14. Airline News
  15. Caribbean golf not always good
  17. CAPPS II 2.1
  18. The new CO "dessert"
  19. Do you usually upgrade with miles?
  20. How long do you need to get to the airport?
  21. Do you think a airline lounge is worth the money?
  22. Year-end mileage tally
  23. Lifetime Flown Mileage
  24. How often are you searched?
  25. Would you pay a standby fee?
  26. Sept 11, 2002
  27. Time to start planning a mileage run?
  28. How early do you usually plan ahead for business travel?
  29. How early do you usually plan ahead for personal travel?
  30. Emergency Exits
  31. ITYT Tools
  32. Average number of nights away from home
  33. Price diff before you fly out of your partnership/alliance?
  34. Segments flown so far in 2002
  35. How many people do you travel with?
  36. Continents
  37. Miles flown so far in 2002
  38. Changes in travel patterns since 9/11
  39. Airport arrival time
  40. How Elite are you?
  41. Number of Frequent Travel programs
  42. Countries

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